Lobby No 5: Faith

By The Bartlett School of Architecture

People, no matter how different, have always felt protected under the aegis of a common belief and have united to accomplish the unthinkable. But faith can too easily become a fossilised creed, begging the question, at what point do inspiring and everlasting morals turn into inescapable dogmas carved into old stones? In 21st Century architectural discourse, where does our faith lie? The fifth issue of LOBBY aims at a critical reflection on the theme of 'Faith' as a fervent drive, a dangerous doctrine, a beautifully fragile yet enduring construct, an unapologetic excuse, a desperate call for attention and a timely consideration on architectural responsibility. Exclusive features in the issue include interviews with Caroline Bos (UNStudio), Jason Surrell and Maurizius Staerkle-Drux.

London, 2016, 24 x 17.2cm, 143pp, Illustrated, Paperback.


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