Log 10 | Summer-Fall 2007 | Observations on Architecture and the Contemporary City

Contents: Kunle Adeyemi, Urban Crawl; Giorgio Agamben, In Praise of Profanation; Matthew Allen, Speculative Sensationalists; Shumon Basar, Over the Top and Under the Influence; Mario Carpo, Sustainable?; Tomislav Ceranic, Star City; Elizabeth Diller, Two Thoughts; Sanford Kwinter, Notes on Abominable Things; Greg Lynn, Machine Language; Peter Macapia, Dirty Geometry; Gabriele Mastrigli, Manipulations, or, Rethinking Tabula Rasa; Alex McDowell, The Architecture of Performance; Farshid Moussavi, Hybrid Identities: Mutating Type; Michelle Murphy, Exposed on the Inside; R&Sie(n) +D, I've heard about ... (a flat, fat, growing urban experiment); Paulette Singley, Roma Macchiata: The Stain of White; Peter Sloterdijk, Cell Block, Egospheres, Self-Container.

New York, 2007, 16 x 24cm, 160pp, illustrated, paperback.

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