Log 13/14 | Fall 2008 | Aftershocks: Generation(s) since 1968

Contents: Jean-Louis Cohen, Populist Images; Nicholas de Monchaux, Space Suit and the City; Tina di Carlo, Let it Be; Peter Eisenman, Eisenman's Doubt; Yona Friedman, Revolt of the Young; Françoise Fromonot, The Beaux-Arts: Model, Monster ... Phoenix?; Todd Gannon, Return of the Living Dead: Archigram and Architecture's Monstrous Media; Alicia Imperiale and Gavin Keeney, Territories of Protest; Lydia Kallipoliti, Feedback Man; Sylvia Lavin, Fire Rated; Chris Marker, Paris 1968; Markus Miessen, Parallel Reality; Paola Nicolin, Beyond the Failure: Notes on the XIVth Triennale; Joan Ockman and Bernard Tschumi, Talking with Bernard Tschumi; Manuel Orazi, Utopia's Revival; Todd Reisz, As a Matter of Fact, The Legend of Dubai; John David Rhodes, Collective Anxiety: Corviale, Rome, and the Legacy of '68; Jason Simon, Marker's Archive; Lukasz Stanek, Lessons from Nanterre; Frederick R. Steiner, The Ghost of Ian McHarg; Mark C. Taylor, Turning Forty; Robert Venturi, Viva Mannerism for Architectures for Our Age; Anthony Vidler, Whatever Happened to Ecology? John McHale and the Bucky Fuller Revival; Paul Virilio, Critical Space; Marisa Yiu, Image Construction: Hong Kong since 1967-1968; Alejandro Zaera-Polo, The Politics of the Envelope, Part I.

New York, 2008, 16 x 24cm, 160pp, illustrated, paperback.

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