Log 19 | Spring-Summer 2010 | Observations on Architecture and the Contemporary City

Contents: Ross Adams, Approaching the End: Eden and the Catastrophe; Noam Andrews, Climate of Oppression; Aleksandr Bierig, Places of Exception; Marta Caldeira with Emma Bloomfield, Sharp Flats; Petra Ceferin, What is Architecture the Name of Today?; Frank Gehry, Two Lithographs; Thomas de Monchaux, Blue in Green: Notes On “Rising Currents”; Natanel Elfassy & François Roche, Stuttering Fall; Max Hirsh & Jonathan D. Solomon, Does Your Mall Have an Airport?; Craig Hodgetts, A Provisional Genealogy for OCTA.BOT; Wes Jones, Architecture Games; Eric Owen Moss, Introducing Abraham; Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen, (Un)timely Saarinen; Christopher Pierce, In Praise of the Harpoon; Portfolio, This Is the Way It Could Be?; Georges Teyssot with Olivier Jacques, Inhabiting a Spline: The Making of Metropol Parasol; Thomas Weaver, Sin Sitte; Allen S. Weiss, Impossible Possibles.

New York, 2010, 16 x 24cm, 160pp, illustrated, paperback.

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