Log 26 | Fall 2012 | Observations on Architecture and the Contemporary City

Contents: Brian Boigon, Wild Physics: Design at the Outskirts of Town; Simone Brott, Modernity's Opiate, or, The Crisis of Iconic Architecture; Mario Carpo, Digitial Darwinism: Mass Collaboration, Form-Finding, and the Dissolution of Authorship; Cynthia Davidson, Building Scenarios: Milstein Hall; Dogma, Field of Walls; Dora Epstein Jones, The Nonsignificance of Columns; Marko Jobst, Abstracting the Text; Wes Jones, Three Aphorisms; William O'Brien Jr., Totems; Manuel Orazi, A Conversation with Yona Friedman; Christopher Pierce, Sleeper(s); Bryony Roberts, Why There's No Postmodernism; Ingeborg M. Rocker, Signs of Their Time: Calculated Formal Excesses of Digital Ornament, Part I; Massimo Scolari, Representations; Daniel Sherer, Critical and Palladian.

New York, 2012, 16 x 24cm, 160pp, illustrated, paperback.

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