Log 29 | Fall 2013 | In Pursuit of Architecture

Given the social, economic, environmental, and even media demands on architecture today, how are architectural ideas sustained beyond conception to become buildings? In a special, tenth anniversary issue, Log 29: In Pursuit of Architecture presents ten outstanding architectural projects from the past decade--some well-known, others completely new--in a full-colour portfolio format that illustrates the concepts and processes of each building. Selected from an open call for work built since 2003, these buildings demonstrate a range of architectural ideas, and together open a conversation about the production and significance of architecture today. To situate the ten-project portfolio, Log 29 includes essays by four critics who reflect on recent and emerging themes in architecture and directions the discipline may develop.

Essays by Cynthia Davidson’s Observations on Architecture and the Contemporary City; Sylvia Lavin on Lying Fallow; Emmanuel Petit’s Involution, Ambience, and Architecture; Sam Jacob on Faster, But Slower; Jacqueline Rose’s Vertical Thoughts; and Sarah Whiting, Possibilitarianism. The projects are 51N4E, TID Tower; Barkow Leibinge, Campus Restaurant and Event Space; C+S architects, LCV; LAN, EDF Archives Center; MOS, Element House; Neil M. Denari Architects, HL23; OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen, Villa Buggenhout; Preston Scott Cohen, Inc., Herta and Paul Amir Building, Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Reiser + Umemoto, O-14; UNStudio, Mercedes-Benz Museum.

New York, 2013, 16 x 24cm, 160pp, illustrated, paperback.

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