Log 37 | Spring-Summer 2016 | The Architectural Imagination United States Pavilion Biennale Architettura 2016

Contents: Maurice Cox, An Agenda for the Everyday; Cynthia Davidson, The Architectural Imagination; Robert Fishman, Detroit and the Acceleration of History; Todd Gannon, Figments of the Architectural Imagination; K. Michael Hays, Architecture’s Appearance and the Practices of Imagination; Sylvia Lavin, Oh My Aching Antenna: The Fall and Rise of Postmodern Creativity; John McMorrough, Funny, Crazy, Silly: Lyrics for the Suspension of Architectural Disbelief; Mónica Ponce de León, United States Pavilion Courtyard, Biennale Architettura 2016; Postscript, My Detroit Postcard Photos Four Detroit Sites: Mexicantown/Southwest Detroit; US Post Office; Dequindre Cut/Eastern Market; Twelve Speculative Projects for Detroit:; A(n) Office, Promised Land Air; BairBalliet, The Next Port of Call; Greg Lynn FORM, Center for Fulfillment, Knowledge, and Innovation; bMack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects, Mexicantown: A Liminal Blur; Marshall Brown Projects, Dequindre Civic Academy; MOS, A Situation Made from Loose and Overlapping Social and Architectural Aggregates; Pita & Bloom, The New Zocalo; Present Future, New Corktown; Preston Scott Cohen Inc., Revolving Detroit; SAA/Stan Allen Architect, Detroit Rock City: An Urban Geology; T+E+A+M, Detroit Reassembly Plant; Zago Architecture, A New Federal Project.

New York, 2016, 16 x 24cm, 160pp, illustrated, paperback.

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