Log 59

To mark Log’s 20 years of observing architecture and the contemporary city, former guest editors and current editorial protagonists were invited to interview someone whose work resonates with their current thinking or concerns, or even with what keeps them up at night. The conversations they initiated range from designing with AI to AI’s possible future consciousness; from natural French wine to Indigenous Mexican textiles; from building architecture to theorizing architecture; from corruption in the building industry to untold histories. Literary critic Caroline Levine calls for activism; urbanist Milton S.F. Curry says it’s a time for manifestos; and artist Ursula Biemann brings our relationship to a changing Earth System into sharper view. The ideas and opinions of the 55 voices in Log 59: Fall 2023 both push against and coincide with each other. But they all testify to the changes in architecture and culture since Log was launched in September 2003.

New York, 2023, 17 x 24 cm, 243pp. illustrated, Paperback.

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