Log 07 | Winter-Spring 2006 | Observations on Architecture and the Contemporary City

Co-edited by Denise Bratton, Contents: Richard Anderson, Tired of Meaning; Marie J. Aquilino, Free Zone: a Conversation with Amos Gitai; Pier Vittorio Aureli and Manuel Orazi, The Solitude of the Project; Jean-Louis Cohen, Burning Issues in the Banlieues; William Drenttel, The Failure of Imagination;
Peter Eisenman, Duck Soup; Luis Fernandez-Galiano, Totem and Catastrophe; John Kaliski, Success and the Projective, or, You Only Get Lucky Once; Sabir Khan, Geographies of Disaster; Reinhold Martin, Moment of Truth; Gabriele Mastrigli, The Last Bastion of Architecture; Gordon Matta-Clark, BREAK-INS; Deborah Richmond, Schmods + Mockers; Julie Rose, Sur la Plage: Again, and Again; Paul Virilio, The Accident of Time; Eyal Weizman, Lethal Theory; Mirko Zardini, Is That All There Is? Thoughts on the Edifice Complex.

New York, 2006, 16 x 24cm, 160pp, illustrated, paperback.

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