Map 007: Orbit

Introduction by Peter Cook

Over half a century after Sputnik reached orbit, nations have populated and regarded this domain as a remote and detached reality, only to recently realise, that as a territory, it is an extension of the Earth, where interventions can have serious implications for the realm they inhabit, and for the surface and infrastructure below. In essence it is a landscape, a spacescape, a vertical continuum of our habitable surface. Presently, these relationships and repercussions are starting to become more complex, uncharted and out of control.MAP 007 Orbit charts the history of our activities in orbit and its consequences while speculating with alternatives and proposals in this realm. The studio is an architectural platform based in Copenhagen, active internationally, engaged mostly with projects in challenging environments. Our designs span through various scales and spheres of action, often challenging the status quo through inventiveness and a cross-disciplinary approach. Collaborative work with engineers and the scientific community, like our collaboration with UNESCO’s water resilience department, or NASA, is part of every project we undertake. From master plans in flood prone areas, to efficient design in arctic regions, from desertification or abandoned infrastructure, our methodology aims to turn hazards into assets. We truly believe that what exists is only a small part of what is possible, and we design driven by this principle. The studio is run by architect and founder David A. Garcia.

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