MAP 005: Chernobyl

MAP005 Chernobyl

Edited by David Garcia

MAP 005 Chernobyl charts the history of major nuclear accidents, focusing on the Chernobyl reactor 4 explosion of 1986, mapping a minute by minute description of the events on nuclear plant cut-outs and info graphics. From its medical implications to the social impact of the accident and articles and input from scientists, this issue offers a wide spectrum of commentaries on the implications of radiation in this scarred landscape.

The project page investigates various scenarios; an astrobiology testing base, the reuse of the massive "Woodpecker" ex-soviet antenna into a migratory bird feeding ground, a mobile archeology lab for radioactive landscapes and Mount Chernobyl, an alternative to the new sarcophagus for the damaged reactor.

Copenhagen 2012, folded A1 sheet, 29.7 x 10.5cm, b&w illustrations

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