Modelling Vienna: Real Fictions in Social Housing

Andreas Rumpfhuber and Michael Klein

The present book is the monograph of the imaginary architects collective __. __ stands for “Blankspace”. __ is a placeholder for various, partly contradictory approaches and diverse practices of a group of architects. The book focuses on their works on public and social housing in Vienna.__’s projects are interventions in current economic discourses related to the concept of scarcity. They are proposals and speculations seeking out the relationship of constructed and actual scarcity (of living space, of resources, of financial means) and the production of our built environment. __ propose possibilities that are not limited to the design of objects, but instead take a broad view of the concept of architecture. The architects collective includes various social and political levels, but also various forms of communication. The spectrum of the work by __ thus encompasses not only the concrete architectural blueprint, but also the abstract level of policy-making and scenarios, manifestos, and polemics. __ untiringly pursue and test different ideas and strategies of spatial intervention.

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