Mono. Kultur # 24 – summer 2010

Mono. Kultur # 24 – summer 2010 - Cyprien Gaillard Dust lines

Cyprien Gaillard

In this edition of Mono. Kultur, Cyprien Gaillard examines buildings and landscapes as well as the people who inhabit them. Here he turns the utopian aspirations of the architectural avant-garde in the early 20th century that became ubiquitous in the post-war era, and discusses these in reference to the writing of Susan Sontang and the digital video work of Desniansky Raion. Gaillard is untroubled by either hopes for a grand future or nostalgia for a heroic past, and he puts before us landscapes and ruins that carry the imprint of conflicting imaginations and desires: individualistic, collective or state-instituted. To this he adds his own layers of evocative and provocative framing and montage. And he challenges us to appreciate our surrounding in all its strange beauty and in full awareness and appreciation of its unresolved contradictions.

Berlin, 2010, 20 x 15 cm, colour illustrations. 10pp. Paperback.