Negotiate my boundary!

Edited by Brett Steele
[+RAMTV] Aljosa Dekleva, Manuela Gatto, Tina Gregoric, Robert Sedlak, Vasili Stroumpakos

Birkhäuser edition available from the AA Bookshop. is an international platform for design research formed by recent graduates of the AA's Design Research Laboratory. negotiate my boundary!, investigates how today's changing social systems and domestic organisations suggest the potential for a new and highly responsive form of urban residential architecture..

This research is developed through a design project about mass-customisation. The book simulates the design process whereby clients customise their dwellings by accessing a website. They select activities that in turn generate the dwelling via digital morphogenetic processes. These operations all occur under a stock-exchange scenario: before buying, the clients negotiate with their neighbours over the internet. The web becomes a medium for a renewed idea of community as well as an architectural design tool.

192 pages, extensive col. & b/w ills
160 x 280 mm, Hardback, 2002


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