OASE #85 Productive Uncertainty.

OASE #85 Productive Uncertainty. Indeterminacy in spatial design, planning and management.

Edited by Kernredactie, Klaske Havik, Hans Teerds and Véronique Patteeuw

The economic crisis of the last few years has had an impact on the domain of spatial planning and architectural practice. This is why OASE finds it imperative to pose the question of how the designer can put this uncertainty to productive use. In other words, is there potential for the design in the unstable and changing societal and urban context? And if so, what attitude should a designer adopt? Likewise, how can administrators, planners and policymakers integrate this dynamism in their development and management plans? OASE 85 answers these questions by means of theoretical reflections and inspiring practical examples. Whereas in the past, future changes in use or programme over the lifespan of buildings and whole areas were actively anticipated, now the very continuation of existing projects is at risk. Financial instability means processes now proceed with more difficulty; some are being suspended for months or years or cancelled altogether. OASE 85 sets various visions of the role of the designer in relation to the indeterminate in the spotlight. With contributions by Michiel Dehaene and Els Vervloessem, John Habraken, Thierry Lagrange, Yeoryia Manolopoulou, Dimitri Messu (Exyzt), Erik and Ronald Rietveld, Iris Schutten, Hannes Schwertfeger(Baubotanik), Tom Vandeputte.

Out of Print.

Rotterdam 2011, 17cm x 24cm, illustrated, 128pp. Paperback


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