Palimpsests: Biographies of 50 City Districts

By Paul Knox

Every city has its own internal geography that is expressed in a mosaic of districts, each with its own history and character. Successive chapters in a district’s history leave their mark in the layout of its streets, the fabric of its buildings, the nature of its institutions, and the cultural legacies of its residents. The landscapes of city districts are thus layered repositories of changing ideals in architecture, urban design and planning, of changing opportunities in real estate development and the changing tastes and values of consumers.

This book traces the development of 50 city districts: seminal and iconic districts as well as lesser known, representative districts of particular kinds. Together, they illustrate the great variety and fascinating complexity of cities and their districts.

Palimpsests: Biographies of 50 City Districts provides stimulating reading for planning and design professionals and a rich source of case study materials for urbanists from all disciplines.

Basel, 2012, 28cm x 22 cm, 288pp. Paperback.

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