Pamphlet Architecture 21: Situation Normal…

By Paul Lewis , David J. Lewis, Marc Tsurmaki

In this volume of the award-winning "Pamphlet Architecture" series, the authors examine common architectural forms (chairs, doors, and walls) and programs (a cinema, a health club, a skyscraper) in order to dissect and reconfigure them. In the process they create ten new projects that draw their power from an oscillation between the recognizable and the surreal. Cleverly undermining the conventions and norms of contemporary architectural design, the authors pose a direct challenge to the seemingly endless search for new styles, arguing instead that the greatest potential for architecture in the twenty-first century rests on an imaginative examination of what we take for granted. Designed by the authors, Situation Normal... weaves together text, photographs, and drawings. An introductory essay establishes the theoretical and historical position of the book.

New York, 1998, 17.8 x 21.6 cm, illustrated, 80pp. Paperback.


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