Paul Tranter and Claire Freeman – Children and Their Urban Environment: Changing Worlds

Children and Their Urban Environment: Changing Worlds

Paul Tranter and Claire Freeman

"Children and their Urban Environment" examines these impacts in detail, looking at the key activities, spaces and experiences children have and how these can be managed to ensure that children benefit from change. The authors highlight the importance of planners, architects and housing professionals in creating positive environments for children and involving them in the planning process. They argue that children's lives are becoming simultaneously both richer and more deprived, and that, despite apparently increasing wealth, disparities between children are increasing further. Each chapter includes international examples of good practice and policy innovations for redressing the balance in favor of child supportive environments. The book seeks to embrace childhood as a time of freedom, social engagement and environmental adventure and to encourage creation of environments that better meet the needs of children. The authors argue that in doing so; we will build more sustainable neighborhoods, cities and societies for the future.

London, Washington 2011, 24.5cm x 19cm, illustrated, 240pp. Hardcover

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