Peter Eisenman: Fin d’Ou T Hou S

Texts by Jeffrey Kipnis and Nina Hofer

Peter Eisenman has for the past decade been acknowledged as an architect who consistently extends the boundaries of architectural theory and practice.

In this Folio, a sequence of fourteen drawings showing four stages in the development of Eisenman's conceptual formula, or rather anti-formula (decomposition), are interpreted in high-quality nine-color plates and in tri-level embossed plated. The full sequence is illustrated in a booklet, along with an explanatory text, which accompanies the plates.

Rare and collective. Limited stock available.

28 boxed plates (14 white-on-white embossed, 14 color), 24-page illustrated catalogue with 14 line drawings, London 1985, 32x32cm

ISBN 0904503569


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