Practice of Place

By Emma Smith

Contributions by Can Altay, Dennis Atkinson, Ricardo Basbaum, Janna Graham, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Annette Krauss, Maria Lind, Ute Meta Bauer, Christian Nyampeta, Emily Pethick, Filipa Ramos, Louise Shelley, Eva Wisniewska and others

Practice of Place explores the role of social and participatory art practices to consider the contribution of artist and gallery. Proposing present-tense practices including collaboration, commitment, imagination, play, forgiveness, reflexivity and trust, the book looks at the potential for tactics over strategy as a mode of being in place. Texts ask how we might consider this theory in relation to the gallery as a bordered space, both physical and imagined.

Published in collaboration with The Showroom, London


London, 2015, 22 x 16.5cm, illustrated, 316pp, Paperback

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