Project Journal 4

Project investigates the possibilities for developing a critical position in contemporary architecture. Publishing both visual and written work, the goal of Project is to provide a platform for disseminating ideas. Each issue includes an insert devoted to visual presentations of contemporary projects. The journal also features writing in several formats: polemical essays by architects and critics; extended conversations with significant figures in the field; long-form critical writing; and short readings of provocative images and projects. Project focuses on publishing young architects who take strong positions and engage in debate and critical evaluation of the field.

Featuring : Andrew Atwood, Andrew Holder, Michael Meredith, Samuel Stewart-Halevy, Andrew Leach, Kyle Miller, Emmett Zeifman, Florian Idenburg, Jung Liu, SO-IL, Sylvia Lavin, Mark Rakatansky, Miroslava Brooks, David Eskenazi, Stephen Froese, Austin Smith, Dan Tae-Young, Luke Studebaker, OfficeUS, Ensamble Studio, Berklee Tower of Music, E2A Architects and iff House.


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