Queering Architecture

Edited by Marko Jobst & Naomi Stead

Queering Architecture: Methods, Practices, Spaces, Pedagogies explores what it means to “queer” architecture, challenging the methods and methodologies of architectural discourse and subverting disciplinary power structures. Architecture as a discipline, a profession and an applied practice, is always subordinate to its own conceptual framework of orderliness. How, then, can we look at queering architectural discourse when the very term 'queer' – celebrated for its elusive, slippery nature – resists and attacks such order? The essays in this book explore this paradox from a diverse range of perspectives – from the questions of mapping queer theory in architecture; to the issues of queer architectural archives, or lack thereof; to the non-Western linguistic challenges to the very term queer alongside decolonial approaches to architecture via indigeneity and landscape. Queering Architecture not only provides a bold challenge to the normative methods employed in architectural discourse but addresses the paradoxical nature of establishing 'queer' methodologies in itself.

London, 2024, 23 x 16 cm, 296pp. illustrated, Paperback.

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