By Jethro Marshall

Book release (006)

ROCKY. The final book in the first West Country Modern series is a photographic study on landscapes of extraction. Documenting quarries in the South West of England, Jethro Marshall offers up black and white capture that reveal the scarred environments hidden through the rolling hills, dairy farms & polite cottages of the rural idyll. The images are introduced with an essay by Architect and Critic Sam Jacob. “The quarry is a form of land art that reveals an interface between the geological realities of the shallow depths of the Earth’s crust and the values of the civilised world.” Like the previous books in the series, Marshall finds alternative landmarks in the countryside to present an ‘anti-bucolic’ but pro-rural depiction of country life. Once again the bright book jacket and pop cultural title offset the measured monochrome content.

West Dorset, 2020, 20cm 26cm, 36pp, illustrated, Paperback.

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