San Rocco No 06 || Collaborations

Contributions: Sandra Bartoli and Silvan Linden on Eileen Gray and Le Corbusier; Bernardina Borra on Co-op architecture; Ludovico Centis on Le Corbusier in La Plata; Benedict Clouette and Marlisa Wise on Venturi and Scott Brown in Baghdad; Roberto Damiani on pedagogical experiments by Colin Rowe; Job Floris on Kahn and Venturi; Gallanti on copyright in architecture; Kersten Geers and Andrea Zanderigo explore the double life of the Gallaratese project; Valter Scelsi on Casa Malaparte; Pier Paolo Tamburelli on McKim, Mead & White; Oliver Thill on the Neue Wache with photos by Carlo Cisventi, Bas Princen and Giovanna Silva.

Venice, 2013, 17x23cm, 182pp, illustrated, paperback.


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