San Rocco No 08 || What’s Wrong with the Primitive Hut?

San Rocco 8 includes 2A+P/A talks about Zeno; Pedro Ignacio Alonso on Charles Eisen; Tanguy Auffret-Postel and Tiago Borges on Jacques Hondelatte's Artiguebieille House; Pep Aviles on the Caribbean hut; Ido Avissar's degré zéro; Marc Brabant on individualism and architecture; Marc Britz on the Panthéon francais; Ivica Brnic on huts and temples; Ludovico Centis on space oddities; Steven Chodoriwsky on the duck; Carly Dean explores the desert on Google Earth; gall on a November weekend in 2011 Slievemore, Dooath, Keel East, Achill, Co. Mayo.

Venice, 2013, 17x23cm, 216pp, illustrated, paperback.


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