Self Made City: Berlin

<span style="color: #000000;">By Kristien Ring


Berlin is thought of as the city of Urban Pioneers, a place where everything is possible and where space can be taken over and transformed.  The self-determined design of space, building, living and working, be it in the form of builder collectives (Baugruppen), co-op’s (Genossenschaften), co-working spaces or other project forms, has produced an architectural diversity and quality in Berlin over the last fifteen years that is exemplary.

Self Made City presents the evolving condition in Berlin, including a photographic essay by Till Budde as well as over 50 best-practice case studies from Architects such as Gruentuch-Ernst, BAR Architects, Zanderroth Architects, Ludloff + Ludloff Architects, Zoomarchitects and many more. With Articles by Kristien Ring and Franziska Eidner as well as interviews with the most important players from Berlin, Self Made City discusses which qualities and potentials these projects have for city planning and future development.

Berlin, 2013, 21cm x 27cm, illustrated, 192pp. Paperback.

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