Shouldn’t we all be developers? – Second Edition

By Roger Zogolovitch

We need more homes and that’s a fact.
We need volume, light and character.
We need liberated rules.
We need imagination to unlock forgotten plots.

‘Shouldn’t we all be developers’ articulates Roger Zogolovitch’s vision for recognition of the independent and creative developer playing their part to generate supply of new homes in the UK and beyond to meet population demand. Housing as a human right is the premise.

The Solidspace approach encourages collaboration with other architects- partnerships include those with de Rijke Marsh Morgan Architects, Mole Architects and Stephen Taylor Architects. Solidspace schemes are concerned with varied plans and sections, in order to open up small sites to larger footprints through interconnected spaces-borrowing, in part, from the history of Modern architecture, and ideas of the 'raumplan' and 'architectural promenade'.

London, 2015, 19x19cm, illustrated, 192pp, paperback.

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