Sketches, Zvi Hecker

By Zvi Hecker, edited by Andres Lepik.

"I am an artist whose profession is architecture," writes the renowned Berlin-based Israeli architect Zvi Hecker, and nothing embodies that more than Sketches.  The book is a compilation of Hecker's architectural drawings that stand alone as works of art while providing a handbook on the singular process of design that has given rise to the Spiral Apartment House, the Heinz-Galinski-Schule Berlin and the Mountains Housing Project.

Leading the reader from the embryonic conception of an idea through to the implementation of it, and accompanied by reflections on topics varying from beauty to education, Sketchs – designed by Hecker himself – presents a unique glimpse into the workings of one of the world’s most original architects.

Berlin, 2012, 16cm x 20cm, illustrated, 264pp. Hardback.

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