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Something Fantastic. A Manifesto by Three Young Architects on Worlds, People, Cities, and Houses.

Julian Schubert, Elena Schütz & Leonard Streich

Something Fantastic is a book about architecture. It is a book about the future. It is a book about the environment, energy and politics. It is a book about beautiful things. It is a book about being naïve enough to ask the right questions. It isn’t about being hip or calculated, or about posturing. Three young architects, Elena Schuetz, Julian Schubert, and Leonard Streich, lay out a manifesto for increased consciousness in thought and action. Plans and proposals for architecture ranging from the built to the utopian engage this spatial inquiry into the possibilities in the real world.

Something Fantastic is about interconnection and dialog. Werner Sobek, Gerhard Matzig, Markus Miessen, and many more contribute their thoughts about subjects as diverse as the future of architecture, evolution, poetry and communication.

Something Fantastic is about hope for the future, inspiration, and the courage to call for the new, and in so doing the book is a treasure trove for architecture students, professionals and anyone passionate about the making of our physical world.

Berlin 2009, 18 x 29.7 cm, illustrations, 218 pp. Paperback.


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