Specifics : Discussing Landscape Architecture

Christiane Sorensen, Karoline Liedtke

Specifics presents the proceedings of the 2013 conference on landscape architecture hosted by ECLAS (The European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools) and the Hafen City University. In this publication, scientists, planners, architects, artists, engineers and students alike share their theories and site-specific strategies. Landscape architecture's fundamental task is to uncover and develop the specificity of a site. SPECIFICS emphasizes the differences of qualities of a location and invites to focus and concentrate on significant strategies for research and teaching in view of recent insights and global developments. In this book, scientists, planners, landscape architects, architects, artists, engineers, officials and students from around the world present and discuss innovative approaches and future developments in thinking and designing Landscape within research, teaching, planning and construction. SPECIFICS presents the proceedings of the 2013 conference of the same name hosted by ECLAS - The European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools - and the HafenCity University These proceedings contain over 60 papers from the conference panels: * Who owns the landscape? * Nature happened yesterday * Best practice landscape architecture * Landscape and structures * Events and conversion forming the current state of the research and discourse in these topics.

Berlin, 2014, 27 x 20cm, 512pp, illustrated, paperback.

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