Spirit of a Country

By Anna Der

Witness Mexico and the contradictory beauty that can be found away from the stereotyped image, Spirit of a Country frees the Mexican from the picturesque while facing the everyday through the common objects and the life in the street, in these images we feel music, tears, rain, laughter, strangeness, heat, buildings; the people. They have some sidereal adage conceived with infinite freedom just where they are, manifested in the everyday, among the people, the streets and the bustle of a tireless city: a Mexico of contrasts and contradictions, a tireless explorer that enters the bowels of a timeless Mexico, that disjuncture is born in the flesh that delves more than in life itself, with no other argument than to admire the streets and compose a great puzzle that acquires meaning by itself to talk about the others. The human is essential in photography and the construction of this universe. The beauty and light of a country so eclectic and unique, the range of the spirit of this country. The road has become a flow where life and death converge, construction and destruction, intangible heritage, everything that remains alive, traditions, what exists and what is most important in her work: Stories are paths and paths are stories.

Mexico City, 2018, 20x16cm, 212pp. illustrated, Hardback.

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