t-sa forum Renewal – Figure vol.9

By Takero Shimazaki Architects - AA Visiting School

Dedicated to Florian Beigel.

 t-sa Forum vol.9 brings together a series of investigations by the programme participants and collaborators under the theme of Renewal – Figure.

 Established in 2006, t-sa forum is an independent school set up by London based Takero Shimazaki Architects (t-sa) to question and challenge the traditional working method of architectural offices and schools, ultimately aiming to merge professional practice with academia.

 The book collates the students’ workshop experiments and proposals, emerging through studies of the ‘space in-between’ figures. t-sa forum Renewal – Figure was taught by the members of t-sa, together with architect Philip Christou; with guest critics including Roz Barr, Jane Houghton and Andrew Budd.

 The book features an extensive text by Philip Christou describing the students’ works as well as his own and Florian Beigel’s approach to ‘drawing the gap, experiencing space not objects, ways of seeing in-between-ness’.

London, 2019, 17x25cm, 216pp. illustrated, Paperback.


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