The function of the oblique

The architecture of Claude Parent and Paul Virilio 1963-1969.

AA Documents 3

In 1963 Claude Parent and Paul Virilio formed the "Architecture Principe" group with the aim of investigating a new kind of architectural and urban order. Rejecting the traditional axes of the horizontal and the vertical, they used oblique planes to create an architecture of disequilibrium, in an attempt to bring the habitat into a dynamic era of the body in movement. This publication provides a record of their experimental research. It contains English translations of key texts in the "Architecture Principe" manifesto-magazine, and shows the projects that gave concrete form to the theories - a church, cultural centre and a series of houses. Claude Parent and Paul Virilio give their own retrospective assessments of the collaboration; Jacques Lacan and Frederic Migayrou place the work in the broader context of French post-war architecture and describe the continuing relevance of its dynamics of content and form.

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London 1996, 28 x 22 cm, illustrated, 72 pp. Paperback.

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