The Modernist #14: Engineer

I love my Brompton: AIDAN TURNER-BISHOP, Plattenbau: ALASTAIR J. SHELLEY, A bit about Delia Derbyshire: CARO C., Owen Williams The Concrete King: JOSHUA ABBOTT, Modernism & Monar: LINDA ROSS, A Small Oblong of Wood: PETER WYETH, Engineering the Airways Cold War Concrete: RICHARD BROOK & MARTIN DODGE, Pylonathon: ROBERT WATSON & GEOFF HOWARD, Moulton A More Pleasing Bycicle: DAVID DUNNICO, Only Optimists Left Alive: SAM BRADLEY, Review: La Casa sobre El Arroyo by Alicia Guerrero Este.

Manchester, 2015, 17 x 24 cm, illustrated, 52pp, paperback.


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