The Modernist #3: Boom & Bust

owen hatherley on why an eye on the past is more than mere nostalgia
as salford’s media city warms up its valves, eddy rhead reminds us how to broadcast ‘from the north’
sands of time – liverpool’s defunct emblem to a long lost corporate largesse
aidan turner bishop ponders the rise and fall of hornsea pottery
natalie bradbury on northern sixties film without the kitchen sink drama...
the mysterious case of the liverpool garden festival; dan russell investigates
morag rose’s modernist guide to a w.a.g-free essex
holidays in utopia - ben tallis on the many lives of st leninsburg
stephen hale drives the futurist fiat test-track
christien garcia reports from edmonton, capital of canada’s big oil province...

reviews: all in a days work - the modernist watches tom cordell’s utopia london, and visits the R.A.’s new exhibition building the revolution

Manchester, 2011, 17x22cm, illustrated, 24pp. Paperback.


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