The Modernist #4: Brutal – Currently Unavailable

Foreword by Elain Harwood - English Heritage’s leading expert on 20th century architecture
Protect and Die: Aidan Turner-Bishop on the chilling reality of Cold War Architecture
In Prague, Benjamin Tallis endures The Unbearable Lightness of Being Ignored
Julie Campbell seeks Severe Beauty in Perspectives and Soundscapes
Honor Gavin hails the Concrete Paradise of Birminghams Central Library
Eddy Rhead sets his sights on Liquid Stone with photographs by Jan Chlebik
Richard Brook uncovers a case of Police Brutality
Preston Is My Paris's Adam Murray photographs Beaugrenelle with text by Hannah Darabi & Benoit Grimbert
Emma Letizia Jones takes a view from the other side -The Old-New Brutalism: London & Sydney
James Perry tells of Brutal Disregard: Redcar Library
Christopher Marsden - when Accrington strove to be modern it built its own 'Elephant House'

Reviews: Brutalist Speculations and Flights of Fancy – Emily Gee
Brutalism by Alexander Clement – David Britch

Manchester, 2012, 17x22cm, illustrated, 24pp. Paperback.


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