The Modernist #5: Campus

Aidan Turner Bishop reminisces on library Life in the Tropics
The Decorated School: Natalie Bradbury on the recent re-evaluation of art in post-war schools
Gud With Buildings: Phil Griffin on the evolution of the Co-op’s Manchester HQ
Richard Martin explores Campo Gulbenkian, Lisbon’s green modernist wonderland
Hidden Cambridge: Marco Iuliano rediscovers Le Corbusier in Cambridge
Richard Brook on UMIST & the Evolution of an Technological Institution
Stephen Hale: When a student generation plumped for Plateglass over Red Brick?
Forgotten But Not Gone: Joshua Abbott remembers Middlesex Modernists Curtis and Burchett
Oblique Dysfunction: Steve Millington on Montreal’s Olympic torture
Robert Griffiths investigates why Barrow built The Finest Women’s Institute in the Country
Concrete Schoolyard: Benjamin Tallis’s ode to collectivism and the communist Panel House
Ian Tocher encounters Yamasaki’s distinctive Detroit campus
Jack Hale admires a most Modern Symbol for the ‘University of the Air’

Manchester, 2012, 17x24cm, illustrated, 28pp. Paperback.


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