The Modernist #8: Carried Away

Velvet Underground - Ben Tallis under the surface of Prague
Brrrmm To Brum - Aidan Turner Bishop is on a bus trip to Birmingham
I Like It Here - Mikey Georgeson loves a good service station
Meet Me At The Monorail - Joe Austin travels in the future
Travelling In Style: The Ss Oriana - Robert Griffiths on board the last liner from Barrow
Pier Head - Matthew Whitfield misses the bus
Spirited Away - Jessica Holland - is it a school.. or is it an aeroplane?
For All The Right Reasons - Richard Brook goes to Oldham
Dun Movin'- Angela Connelly & Matthew Steele move to Cumberanuld
The World Geo-Graphic Atlas - Eddy Rhead globe trots with Bayer's atlas
The Racic Mausoleum – Carol Hardie visits the dead
This Station Is Delayed - Josh Abbott takes the Central Line
Review - Eddy Rhead

Manchester, 2013, 17x24cm, illustrated, 28pp. Paperback.

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