The Stones of Fernand Pouillon: The Limits of Modernism – Currently Unavailable

Edited by Adam Caruso & Helen Thomas


Providing a new insight into twentieth-century architecture, this is the first book in English on the work of French architect Fernand Pouillon (1912-1986). It includes Jacques Lucan's analysis of his post-war urbanism and its critique of mainstream modernism, a description of material construction by Adam Caruso, and Pouillon himself inspired by Aix-en-Provence and reflecting on the contemporary architect's position in a cultural continuum. At the book's heart lie survey drawings and photographs of Pouillon's key Parisian housing projects. This book is first in a series on 'The Limits of Modernism - a Forgotten Generation of European Architects'

Zurich, 2013, 32cm x 24cm, illustrated, 160pp. Hardback.

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