The Turning Point in Architectural Design: A Historical Scenario for the Future

By Helmut C. Schulitz

Over the past five hundred years, a rift has grown between the design and construction of buildings. The Turning Point in Architectural Design does not lament this rift, but rather sees it as an opportunity to explore new horizons in building design in the era of climate change. By taking a historical approach, this book shows how over time design has been less and less limited by the constraints of building materials and techniques and how novel architectural designs have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in construction. World-renowned architect Helmut Schulitz takes the modernist motto “more with less” to heart and applies its lessons to the future, where the demand for energy and resource conservation in all aspects of life—especially architecture—will be paramount.

Munich, 2021, 27cm x 24cm, 240pp, illustrated, Paperback.

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