The World Dubai Marine Life Incubators: ecoMachines v3.0

The World Dubai Marine Life Incubators: ecoMachines v3.0

Claudia Pasquero, Marco Poletto

<p style="text-align: justify;">Can architecture claim new roles in this period of economic and ecologic turmoil? Can architects contribute by developing new spatial and material practices for the refunctionalisation of the urban landscape?  'The World', an artificial marine landscape built off the cost of Dubai City, has provided the perfect ground to engage these questions; due to its sheer size, its embedded fragility, its iconic design and its massive impact on the surroundings, the 12 billion dollars uncompleted lagoon has revealed in itself all the contradictions of contemporary urban developments in Dubai and around the world.

The World Dubai Marine Life Incubators research has taken the form of 13 visionary projects; each project investigates a specific architectural mechanism of co-existence and co-evolution within the local marine habitat, prefiguring future scenarios of development whereby the lagoon is re-contextualized in socio-economic and technological terms in relationship to such phenomena as global warming, coral bleaching, ecotourism, social networking, workforce global migration, food production, renewable energies, urban well being and building material flows. The book contains the architectural design research of the INTER10 Unit at the Architectural Association; alongside the individual design proposals, the book illustrates the parallel methodological and technical background developed within the framework of the Unit and in a series of dedicated workshops. Full coloor images and accompanying text illustrate in detail the drawings, the diagrams, the models and the testing prototypes developed during the year long project.

London 2010, 19cm x 19cm, full colour illustrations, 164pp. Paperback

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