Third Natures – Out of Print

By Cristina Diaz Moreno & Efrén Garcia Grinda

Published in tandem with an exhibition of the same title at the AA School of Architecture in January 2014, Third Natures presents the work and ideas of Spanish architects Cristina Diaz Moreno and Efrén Garcia Grinda and their Madrid-based studio AMID.cero9. The book itself has been conceived in the form of a micropaedia - that is, a condensed version of a classical encyclopaedia, but like its larger progenitor, the structure of its content will be arranged alphabetically, as a dictionary of terms that collectively represent architecture's Third Nature. Among this glossary will be descriptions - both long and short, and written by both the authors and invited guests - of a number of terms, among them Breathable, After Pop and Intentional Communities. Imbedded into each alphabetic entry will also appear an assortment of images - some drawn from a wide spectrum of reference images, others deriving from specific projects by AMID.cero9. The result is a constellation of objects and ideas that in its form as much as its content presents an accumulative way of comprehending the world.

London, 2014,  24 x 34cm, illustrated, 160pp. Paperback.
ISBN 978-1-907896-48-4


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