Towards Another Architecture

Edited by Owen Hopkins

Published 100 years ago, Le Corbusier’s Vers une Architecture was conceived as a way of making sense architecturally of a moment of profound social and technological change. Today, we live at another pivotal moment for architecture and for the wider world. The climate emergency alone requires us to rethink everything we have previously taken for granted about how we conceive and construct buildings. One of the great ironies of Le Corbusier’s messianic vision is that the very thing he so celebrated – unbridled industry – has led us to the climate emergency. Towards Another Architecture: New Visions for the 21st Century brings together contributions from practitioners and thinkers working in a range of fields and geographies to advocate their vision(s) for another architecture. Bold and original, optimistic without being naïve, it offers a space for multiple and sometimes conflicting or competing viewpoints, but which collectively point to the urgency of the situation and the ingenuity of architects in responding to it.

London, 2024, 17 x 24 cm, 176pp. illustrated, Hardback.

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