t-sa forum Vol.5: Refurbishment

By Takero Shimazaki Architects x AA Visiting School

t-sa forum 2014 explored why and how refurbishment is executed and the reasons and methods used in architectural refurbishment and interventions. Topics of context; scale of intervention; historical, social or political circumstances; large or small scale, whole building and details; materiality and texture were studied through case studies.
The investigation was focused on the three following case studies; Osterley House, The  Attendant, White Cube Bermondsey. Students were asked to observe, record, photograph and collage the existing three examples of refurbishment architecture from different periods in London. Using these crafts and techniques as designs in themselves
students produced a set of analytical artefacts as the product of their research.

Limited Edition of 150 copies

London, 2015, 22cm x 30cm, illustrated, 96pp. Paperback

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