Understanding BIM: The Past, Present and Future

Understanding BIM presents the story of Building Information Modelling, an ever evolving and disruptive technology that has transformed the methodologies of the global construction industry. Written by the 2016 Prince Philip Gold Medal winner, Jonathan Ingram, it provides an in-depth understanding of BIM technologies, the business and organizational issues associated with its implementation, and the profound advantages its effective use can provide to a project team. Ingram, who pioneered the system heralding the BIM revolution, provides unrivalled access to case material and relevance to the current generation of BIM masters.

With hundreds of colour images and illustrations showing the breadth and power of BIM, the book covers:

  • The history of BIM
  • What BIM is in technical and practical terms
  • How it changes the day to day working environment
  • Why we need BIM and what problems it can solve
  • Where BIM is headed, particularly with regards to AI, AR, VR and voice recognition
  • International case studies from a range of disciplines including: architecture, construction management, and retail

London, 2020, 27.6cm x 21.9cm, 288pp, illustrated, Paperback.

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