Urbanism: Fundamentals and Prospects

By Han Meyer, Maartenjan Hoekstra and John Westrik

Urbanism creates the spatial conditions needed for society to function, with fundamental distinctions between the public and private domains. Its task comprises four aspects: designing the urban ground plan, the programme and the utilisation of space, the design of public space, and the rules for building. Yet these should also be seen in relation to a fifth aspect: the way territory is reshaped. This volume provides an overview of the foundations of urbanism as a discipline and discusses the relevance of those fundamentals to 21st-century challenges. Seen through the lens of centuries of experience and tradition as well as current practice in urban planning in the Netherlands, the relevance of such rules for building extend far beyond national borders.

Amsterdam, 2019, 20cm x 25cm, 510pp, illustrated, Paperback.

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