Utopie Texts and Projects, 1967–1978

Utopie. Texts and Projects, 1967–1978

Edited by Craig Buckley and Jean-Louis Violeau

Translated by Jean-Marie Clarke

The short-lived grouping of architects, sociologists, and urbanists known as Utopie was active in Paris from 1967 to 1978. The group’s collaborative publications included the work of Jean Aubert, Isabelle Auricoste, Jean Baudrillard, Catherine Cot, Charles Goldblum, Jean-Paul Jungmann, Henri Lefebvre, Rene Lourau, Antoine Stinco, and Hubert Tonka. Offering a militant alternative to professional urban planning journals, these writers not only formulated a critique of the technocratic and administrative rule over a disabled and alienated urban society but also projected an ephemeral urban poetics. Utopie makes the group’s diverse body of theoretical work accessible in English for the first time, offering translations of more than twenty key texts. Designed in a facsimile format that follows the innovative graphic layouts of the journals, pamphlets, posters, and articles produced by Utopie, the volume not only provides the first thorough overview of the group’s activities but also seeks to capture Utopie’s linkage of architectural and urban theory to radical publication strategies.

Los Angeles 2011, 23.1 x 19.8cm, 250 illustrations, 264 pp. Hardcover

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